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ONLINE EXAM PREP (Covid-19 edition)

With less than 2 weeks before the commencement of the semester 1 exam period, the Student Wellbeing Committee has compiled a list of ways to improve your productivity and relieve stress over the coming weeks. 

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& dont forget to check out our Spotify playlists for some study beats (:

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  • Make sure your notes are up to date and try not to cram


Before entering the exams, make sure that your notes cover all important content in the subject, including lectures, tutorials/seminars and other class content. Make sure that you allocate a sufficient amount of time to revising your notes and try not to ‘leave it all to the last minute’. 


  • Implement a study timetable and prioritise areas/subjects which you find most difficult


Using a study timetable can help you to avoid procrastination and make the most out of your allocated study time. A study timetable also allows you to balance other commitments such as work, social engagements and personal time, with your studies. When designing a study timetable, make sure that you allocate the most amount of time to areas or subjects that you are weakest in. Find templates online or create your own using pen and paper. 


  • Make sure you understand the time and structure of your exams


Due to social distancing guidelines, most final exams for this session will be delivered online. This may be a difficult adjustment for many students and it is important to thoroughly understand the way in which your exams will be delivered. In particular, make sure that you check;

  1. The time and date of your exams
  2. What type of exam you are sitting, e.g open book, closed book, take home assignment, invigilated exam
  3. How to access and sit your exams


  • Take breaks


Make sure to balance study time with recreational and social activities, such as going for a walk, visiting your local cafe, or going to see family and friends. Furthermore, when taking study breaks try to avoid screens so your eyes and brain can rest!


  • Reach out if you need help


If you are finding it difficult to understand a particular concept, there are many ways to reach out for help. For example, you could send an email to your tutor, or catch up with a friend (if not in person, then via Zoom). Through UTS HELPS, you can also access support services, such as workshops and even book a 1-on-1 consultation on Zoom. Many subjects also run U:PASS classes, allowing students to discuss concepts and get feedback before beginning exams. See the link below for more information on UTS HELPS and U:PASS:

Best of luck with your exams!

Mehak and Zac

Student Wellbeing Committee Members


Mental Wellness

Paying it Forward during COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has many of us feeling overwhelmed by a barrage of bad news and systemic failures. Those of us with the privilege to quarantine and work/study from home may feel especially helpless in the face of a global crisis, but we’re not helpless.

Online and in-person volunteer opportunities allow us as students to support our communities during these times of need, especially when charities and nonprofits are currently unable to call on elderly and retired volunteers.

By volunteering, you not only help others; you help yourself. There are numerous health benefits to volunteering, including a sense of purpose, improved self-esteem and confidence, reduced stress and loneliness, strengthened ties to community, and the ability to learn and improve one’s skills. 

Scroll down for our pick of some excellent volunteering opportunities (links below), or check out the Brennan Collective’s Facebook group*. There are plenty of opportunities out there, and we hope you find the one that’s right for you!

Keep scrolling for an extra cheeky graphic on the positive wellbeing boost that volunteering brings!!

*An awesome side benefit: volunteer work can be claimed as LTS hours in the Brennan Program.

Lucia Mai & Emily Kliman 

Student Wellbeing Committee Members

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Volunteer tutor (Youth in Motion):

Volunteer Community Visitor for Virtual Visits (Combined Pensioners & Superannuants Association)

Volunteer Drivers (Will2Live)

Service Person (House of Welcome Food Bank)

Skype Volunteer English Tutor (AMEP TAFE NSW)

Clean Out Prisons COVID-19 Campaign

The LSS Justice Action’s ‘Elderly Pen Pals’ initiative

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Mental Wellness

SWC Top Iso Picks!

Hey everyone!

We know that assignments and uni work is starting to pick up, but we all need a break for our wellbeing.

So what better way to take a break than choosing from one of the Wellbeing team’s favourite novels, films, TV shows or podcasts! With options ranging from 20 minute episodes of non stop laughter, to incredible films that will deepen your sense of justice, there’s something for everyone in the options below!   

(scroll down for synopsis)

Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 11.26.28 am


Spotlight 2015 (Oscar winning movie about the investigative journalists that uncovered systemic child sexual abuse in the catholic dioceses of Boston; amazing film available on Netflix)

Speed 1994 (fast paced action film featuring Keanu Reeves. What more to say?!)

Rush Hour 1 (classic detective film featuring Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker; guaranteed laughs and entertainment)

The Children Act 2017 (In the midst of a marital crisis, a High Court judge must decide if she should order a life-saving blood transfusion for a teen with cancer despite his family’s refusal to accept medical treatment for religious reasons)


Hood Feminism by Mikki Kendall (an interesting and insightful read about the experiences of women of colour)

The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides (psychological thrillers and BIG twists)

Upheaval by Jared Diamond, (each chapter explores a different nation and how they cope with crisis and change, historical fiction)

Jasper Jones by Craig Silvey (classic teenage crime story)

TV Shows:

Parks and Recreation or Brooklyn 99 (fun 20 min comedy episodes that you can switch off to and giggle at, guaranteed). 

Unorthodox (moving story of a young woman’s escape from a fundamentalist Jewish community in New York; available on Netflix).

Shameless (woke pop culture drama, exploring the drama and comedy of a dysfunctional American family). 

The Bridge (Nordic Noir genre, awesome series on SBS Demand. Has subtitles because it’s in Swedish but a fantastic crime series)


Finding Mastery by Dr. Michael Gervais (interviews people ranging from world champion surfers to the CEO of Netflix to see what it takes to get to the top of your respected field). 

The Bar UTS LSS Official podcast (entertainment from the LSS Executive! With guest speakers, tips on law school, hilarious commentary and wellbeing advice!) 

My Dad wrote a Porno (basically what it sounds like; this guy’s dad wrote a pornographic fanfiction which he and his two friends read aloud and mock the horrendous storyline and terrible writing)

The Daily Run by the New York Times (for easy to listen to investigative journalism. Ranges from short to long pieces)


Mac Middleton & Maria Strolla 

Student Wellbeing Committe Members




Mental Wellness

Getting Away From the Screen and Into the Sun

Hi guys!

For those of us not performing an essential service, and are required to stay at home, it can be easy to find ourselves cooped up inside on our devices. While this is necessary for online uni and working from home, it’s important to find a balance between screen time and sun time. 

Here are some ideas from the Student Wellbeing Committee on how to get off your device and into the sun during isolation!

(p.s check out some links below!)

Screen Shot 2020-04-29 at 10.34.10 am





Zachary Goldschmied and Cassy Reilly 

Student Wellbeing Committee member & Wellbeing Director


Mental Wellness

Isolation Workouts

Feeling a little guilty that you’ve walked to the pantry one too many times today? Had one too many sneaky self-iso snacks? Fear not! 

This week we have compiled a list of exercises and general tips to rejuvenate your body and keep you feeling fresh; perfect for when you feel like you need a change of pace or are a little bit unmotivated. 

Don’t forget to peep and follow our specially curated workout playlist on our Spotify by searching ‘UTS LSS Wellbeing’ for a little kickstart to your workouts! 

Scroll down for links + extra details on each workout

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MadFit YouTube Channel: 

Strava: (for iPhone and Android)

  • Running and cycling app which tracks your exercise activity and allows you to analyse your performance
  • Social Network: Allows you to connect with other members, compare runs, get advice and to stay motivated 


Recommended Routine: (Reddit)

DIY Weights:

No access to gym equipment can be tough for newbies or seasoned gym junkies alike, but not to worry! Here are some links to DIY weights: 


Headspace App: (iPhone and Android)

Beginner Yoga Routines:


Sweat Mode Songs: (for an intense workout)

Fun songs: (when you want to let loose for a little bit)


Check out UTS LSS Wellbeing on Spotify for our curated exercise playlist! We have other playlists that you might want to check out too! 

Mehak Bokhari and Alexa Cruz

Student Wellbeing Committee Members


Mental Wellness

Top Points of Contact for your Wellbeing (COVID-19 edition)

Hi Everyone!

This week we wanted to ensure all students have access to some helpful resources during this challenging time; whether you’re struggling with the university workload, need a friendly face to talk to, or would like further confidential help during this stressful time.

Remember to look out for your friends and family, but also allow some down time for yourself. Go for a run, have a cup of tea with mum, or call a friend or family member. You’re not alone during this time, and we are all in this together!

If you have any queries (big or small) or just want a friendly chat, do not hesitate reach out to us, the Student Wellbeing Committee, at our email: 

P.s all the links (+ more) in the infographic are listed below.

Screen Shot 2020-04-15 at 11.44.01 am

    • Your contacts list 🙂

None of these categories seem to fit what you are looking for? Take a look at the UTS Current Student page which is packed with information and services you can go to for advice – 

International Students –

Kelly Ding & Mac Middleton

Student Wellbeing Committee Members

Mental Wellness

Staying Connected during COVID-19

Even though programs like Zoom, Skype, Facetime and Discord allow us to chat with friends and family, it can become a little tiresome when every conversation just becomes a rant about public health governance and how much you miss going to cafes.

Thankfully, online games give us something to do together and bring a little excitement to self-quarantine. Scroll down for our pick of games that you and your friends should try out!

Screen Shot 2020-04-08 at 10.41.10 am



Price: Free

Download: Mobile or desktop



Have your own virtual Houseparty! Houseparty allows you to easily video call with your friends on one screen, and alerts you when a friend is ‘in the house’. Catch up on your day or have a go at their list of fun games including Heads Up and Quick Draw.

It’s just like a real houseparty. Almost. Just download the app on mobile or desktop and get partying!


Price: Free

Download: No



Whether you are Bob Ross or not, unleash your artistic abilities (if you have any) and quick thinking in This online game is similar to pictionary but ONLINE and FREE. No need to download anything.

You can create a private room for your friends by choosing “Create Private Room”, or join a random group by choosing “Play!”.

Add custom words to spice up the game (e.g. your name, UTS, social distancing). Get in a call with your friends while you play to roast each other’s drawings.

Words with Friends

Price: Free

Download: Mobile


Remember Words with Friends?

Play against your friends in this mobile scrabble-esque game. Build words from the given letters and earn points. It’s free on the app store so just download, get out that dictionary and play with friends!


Price: Free

Download: No


Missing those Trivia Nights? No worries, Kahoot’s got your back.

Not only is it educational, there are a lot of public quizzes ranging from your favourite TV shows to your uni subjects. You can use Zoom, Discord or any other screen sharing application and play along with your friends.

  1. Make a Kahoot Account.

  2. Go to the “Discover” page.

  3. Search for the topic you want a quiz on.

  4. Out of ideas? Go to Top Picks (

  5. Share your screen with you friends and have a blast!!

Jackbox Party Packs

Price: $12-21USD
Download: Yes (only one copy needed for up to 8 players)

Jackbox games use the same sort of mechanics as Kahoot where one person streams the game and everyone else joins on their phone/tablet/computer via a room code. Each party pack includes five games for 3-8 players, and up to 10,000 audience members. Our top 3 picks are:

Fakin’ It (Party Pack 3): everyone gets a prompt except the faker, who has to try not to get caught. For example, if the prompt is “raise your hand if you’ve ever forgotten your Passport just before a flight” and, on the count of 3, no one raises their hand except Pauline….well then, Pauline’s probably the faker – unless she can convince everyone otherwise. It’s a great game that involves plenty of lying, baseless accusations and yelling!

Patently Stupid (Party Pack 5): create silly inventions to create sillier problems

Trivia Murder Party 2 (Party Pack 6): battle your friends in a trivia death match with spooky mini-games if you get a question wrong!

Party packs are available to download via the official website on multiple platforms including PC, Nintendo Switch, and Apple TV. They’ve also made a helpful guide to streaming your game here.

The Jackbox team is also giving away Drawful 2 for free right now so if you’re on the fence about these types of games, give this one a try first!

Sporcle quizzes

Sporcle is a website with thousands of quizzes ranging from “Can you name every country in the world?” to “Best Picture Oscar Winners Since 1970”. Get on voice chat with your mates and you can either work together via screen share to try and get all the answers, or go head-to-head in a battle of extremely useless information. It’ll have you scratching your noggin and asking questions like “Why on earth are there so many different spellings of ‘Cameron’?!”

Various board games

Heaps of existing board games have online versions including: Secret Hitler, Scattergories, Codenames, and of course, Chess.

Lucia Mai, Brenda Li & Kelly Ding

Student Wellbeing Committee Members


Mental Wellness

So, you ate all your snacks on day one in self-isolation, what now?

Being at home all day every day is not conducive to a full fridge of snacks, and if you’re anything like us, you finished all of your panic bought snacks on day one.

While store bought snacks are definitely tasty, they aren’t always healthy. In a time where movement is restricted and the cabin fever is setting in HARD, it’s best to nourish your body with something a little healthier. Getting creative with your snacks is a great way to do this while also keeping entertained.

Below are some snack ideas and general tips that will spice up your snack life just a little:

Screen Shot 2020-04-01 at 4.29.21 pm

Check out these easy recipes if you need some guidance:

Kale Chips

Roasted Chickpeas

General Tips:
● Focus on protein! Protein is satiating and will keep you fuller for longer
● Focus on volume! Eating stuff like vegetables will give you more bang for your buck in terms of calories
● DO NOT feel guilty about eating all the snacks!!!! Everyone is currently at home on the quarantine gain train together so don’t overthink things

                                                                                                          Emily Kliman & Maria Strolla

Student Wellbeing Committee Members

Mental Wellness

4 Ways to Stay Entertained at Home (COVID-19 edition)

In light of COVID-19 social isolation regulations, the thought of lounging around at home, doing uni work in your PJs with no pressure to go out or do anything, could seem like a dream come true!

For the majority, though, this routine will only sustain us for so long before cabin fever sets in.

Being at home, separated from normality may prove quite challenging, so staying busy and keeping our minds alive is really important for our wellbeing during this socially stagnant period of time.

So without further adieu… below are 4 ideas on how to stay entertained at home! (COVID-19 edition)

Cass Reilly 

Wellbeing Director 2020

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Fitness Mental Wellness Social

Balance: The not-so-fine line between Study + Life


woman walking on fence
One minute you’re slouching on your bed, Netflix on one half of your laptop screen, aimless Facebook scrolling on the other, snacks and a drink on-hand nearby and suddenly…Mid semester break is O V E R. Some of us struggle to switch our brains back on and get back to routine, while others struggle to switch off and unwind at all. It’s important for us, whether we’re students or not, to find a balance between study and socialising, study and exercising, study and ‘me’ time, study and life. If you’re keen for some tips and tricks on how to maintain this balance, click here. Photo by Sebastian Voortman on